Be a Wear Black, Give Back sponsor

What is Wear Black, Give Back?

WEAR BLACK, GIVE BACK is a 24-hour day of giving - Nov. 8-9, noon to noon - to the University of Nebraska at Omaha to raise money for scholarships, colleges and programs, student groups and activities, inclusion and wellness, and much more! We hope to encourage 4,000 generous donors to make a gift of $5 or more during Wear Black, Give Back by offering challenges sponsored by lead donors. With so many important areas to support at UNO, we hope you will find and donate to the cause that means the most to you. Last year, more than 3,794 gifts were made to Wear Black, Give Back, with more than 400,000 communications and engagements attracting our 120,000+ alumni and supporters to the site during this 24-hour period.

Why be a sponsor?

You can be recognized as a leader and trendsetter in the UNO community! You, your family or your business can sponsor a donor challenge, which will encourage UNO alumni and community members to support your preferred causes and programs at UNO. All challenge sponsors will be recognized on the Wear Black, Give Back website and receive a thank you sponsorship gift. Interested?

Giving challenges help because they:

  • Motivate alumni and donors to support your favorite program or department.
  • Raise the visibility and awareness of your favorite program during giving day.
  • Offer challenge donors an opportunity to leverage the utility of your gift.
  • Build momentum for your favorite program and future engagement with alumni.

To set up a challenge, the following is needed:

  • A challenge donor/sponsor. Donors can be individual, organizations or businesses. Can be named or anonymous.
  • A commitment of a challenge gift. Challenges begin at $250. The average challenge last year was $1,000, and challenges ranged from $250 to $100,000.
  • A challenge structure. Two options:
  • Donor count challenge: We highly encourage this structure, as it maximizes the aim of engaging new alumni and supporters. An example would be: “If 50 people give to this program during Wear Black, Give Back, our challenge donor will donate an additional $1,000 to the program.”
  • Dollar for dollar match: This option is also available. “During Wear Black, Give Back, our challenge donor will match the first $1,000 donated to our program. Give now to double the amount of your gift.”

What's in it for challenge sponsors?

  • All challenge gift sponsors will be recognized on the Wear Black Give Back website and in official WBGB communications to more than 120,000 living alumni, donors, students, faculty, staff, fans and community members.
  • If an organization or business sponsors, a logo and website line can be included on Wear Black, Give Back’s webpage.
  • All challenge sponsors will receive a WBGB t-shirt and UNO gloves as a thank you.
  • Challenge gifts are gifts to the NU Foundation, so they are fully tax-deductible charitable gifts. 


If you have questions or you'd like to become a sponsor of Wear Black, Give Back, contact:

Joel Gehringer
Director of Annual Campaigns - UNO
University of Nebraska Foundation